Warding off that evil wart monster with garlic and an electric wart zapper

Searched for ways to remove warts and came up with a ton of answers. Answers ranged from using duct tape, garlic, and even zapping it with an electrical device. Many recommended the usual freezing at a doctor’s office and the over the counter alternatives, but that’s boring stuff. I found the garlic and the zapping methods more interesting.


First, the garlic method. Garlic is great in my food and I love the flavor it adds, but I didn’t know it was also great for other things like removing warts.  How it works is you place a piece of garlic over the wart and tape it in place with duct tape. Leave the garlic on so it does its job and in time, you can just peel it off. Not too sure how well it will actually work, but it’s worth a try. You can check out the finger wart removal method I read by clicking the link.


Next, the wart zapper method. Funny thing about how I found out about this was the first site I was on. I was reading about the finger wart garlic removal method and in the middle of it, there was an ad about a wart zapper of some sort. Interested to see what the heck a wart zapper is, I clicked on the link and was taken to a website selling a wart zapper.

A little video of something “zapping” their wart:


Well being the “do-it-yourselfer” that I am, I wondered if there was a DIY guide floating around the internet out there somewhere. Opened up a new tab, types in wart zapper, several clicks later and I was on Instructables with a drawing for building one. Decided to dig some more and I ended up on one particular site that gave me enough information about what it is, how it works, why it works, and how to make one myself.


I’ll quickly cover how it works, but you’ll have to check out the website for yourself to see how you can make one. So how it works like this, an amplified electrical current from a battery is sent straight throughout the wart to kill the virus causing it. The website claims several success cases and as the author stated, nothing is gained if nothing is ventured–or something like that. It’s always worth a shot if you’re at your wits end and willing to try anything to remove that wart.


I personally would try the garlic method first from howdoigetridofwarts.com. I do however think it would be fun to building my own wart zapper. There’s also that sense of satisfaction you get when you make something yourself and it gets the job done. Would you ever try either of these two methods if you had a wart? Or would you rather just pay a visit to the doctor’s office?

Amazing homemade bathroom cleaners you can make in minutes

Call me cheap, concerned about the environment, paranoid of toxic chemicals, or whatever else you want, but today I decided to make my own cleaner for the bathroom. I’ve been neglecting it for a few weeks now and they’ve gotten a little nasty looking. So…I hopped on Google and searched for homemade bathroom cleaners that I could make from what I already had readily available at home. Here’s a list of what I found.


Toilet bowl cleaner

If you’re like me and can’t stand the smell of bleach, try out this homemade toilet bowl cleaning solution.

What you need:

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

What to do::

MIx about ¼ cup of baking soda (about because you can get away with just eyeballing it)  with 1 cup of vinegar. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl, let it sit for a few minutes and scrub with a brush. Flush and you’re done.


Tub and tile cleaner

Get that tub looking white again (assuming you have a white tub) instead of yellow brown with this

What you need:

  • Baking soda

  • Sponge or microfiber cloth

  • Vinegar (optional for those tougher stuff)

  • Spray bottle (optional)

What to do:

Simply sprinkle baking soda all over the place and scrub with a wet sponge. Microfiber clothes work great as well. For the tougher stuff, you can spray vinegar over the baking soda, let it fizz for a few seconds and scrub away with the sponge/microfiber cloth.


Mold cleaner

What you need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Water

  • Spray bottle

What to do:

Mix 2 parts water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Spray the mixture on and leave it for about an hour. Rinse with water.


Drain cleaner

What you need:

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

What to do:

Pour about half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Then pour about half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Wait about 10-15 minutes and flush it with a pot of hot water.


I hope you find these homemade bathroom cleaners as useful as I did. Did I miss a good one on my list? Let me know about it.